Martin Kedzior, a Chicago native, arrived in Los Angeles 5 years ago after finishing up college in New York. Intrigued with the fashion and entertainment industry, he moved to Los Angeles. Initially working with ABC Daytime publicity, Martin moved on to work in fashion publicity with Lynne Franks, who later became the inspiration for the show "Absolutely Fabulous." Martin eventually realized that publicity wasn't creatively challenging enough and later traded in media directories and press kits for the world of freelance styling.

Martin then began working on freelance projects with stylists and various creative directors such as Victoria Bryner, who choreographed and styled well-known advertising campaigns for Versace, Gucci, Valentino, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hillfiger. Great experience was gained and the result turned into personal styling projects.

Currently styling individuals and corporations with wardrobes and appearance projects, Kedzior is up for the challenges of dealing with personalities of all types. "Styling is highly personal work, gaining the trust of the client is key.” Martin identifies their desires and needs.

Kedzior is quite pleased when he experiences his clients preaching his mottos to others; "No synthetic fibers!" "Hand wash that cashmere and lengthen that pant hem!" On the other hand, he believes "salvage what you can." through tailoring and editing an existing wardrobe. Always up to the challenge of being brutally blunt and honest, his clients never take offense, because he is able to bring out anyone's untapped beauty, he unveils the natural potential that everyone attains. Repeat clients are a sign that there's something to Martin's ability. "Executing a look for one’s lifestyle is purely a luxury, but similar to cashmere, who would want to do without it?”

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